Monday, July 13, 2009

Maloof Money Cup 2009-Day 3 (Sunday)

Yesterday was the last day of the Maloof Money Cup. I was able to catch it late in the day, about an hour before the awards ceremony. The crowd was in full was a huge turnout. There were so many people, you had to push your way through. The sun was blazing also. I was seriously sweating and it was 5pm. Not pretty at all.

I was trying to get some great pictures, but alas there were so many fricken was hard. I hard to push my way in through all of those "professional media types"..go figure.

I saw several of the pros posing for autographs and signing autographs. That was very nice. The little kids were stoked. I even saw a Sheriff's Deputy getting a shirt signed for her kid.

This was a great event and I can't wait for it to come back next year.

Oh, and I can say now that I've been there and got the t-shirt. I left with a black Maloof Money Cup shirt in my hand.

Here are the final results (from etnies' blog):

Men’s Pro Street

1. Chris Cole - $100,000
2. Tommy Sandoval
3. Nyjah Huston
4. Torey Pudwill
5. Ryan Sheckler
6. Sean Malto
7. Greg Lutzka
8. David Gonzalez
9. Paul Rodriguez
10. Mark Appleyard

Women’s Street

1. Leticia Bufoni
2. Lacey Baker
3. Elissa Steamer
4. Amy Caron
5. Marisa Del Santo

Men’s Pro Vert

1. Alex Perelson - $75,000 with a 900
2. Pierre-Luc Gagnon
3. Bob Burnquist
4. Andy MacDonald
5. Bucky Lasek
6. Adam Taylor
7. Rob Lorifice

Best Trick

Adam Dyet - $10,000

Zumiez Destroyer Award

* Torey Pudwill - $10,000
* Alexis Sablone - $2000 after a trip to the hospital

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  1. Oh Ryan Sheckler. Is it wrong that I think your are the tiniest bit cute and you are also like 12. Hahaha!


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