Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer TV

Well most of my regularly scheduled shows are on hiatus right now for the summer. That's probably a good thing since I'm working the night shift. I don't get to enjoy watching them when they actually air live. But, really, do you know people who actually watch TV live anymore? We have (2) DVR's in our house. Angry Husband's stuff tapes in our family room, and my stuff is taped in the bedroom. We are going to drop it down to one DVR soon. I'm going to try and start a new series on my blog "Angry Julie on a Budget", so stay tuned.

This is what I have been watching this summer though:

armywives is on the Lifetime Channel. This is the 3rd season and I have been watching it since the beginning. Angry Husband told me that he heard that it was cancelled after last season. I'm very happy that it wasn't cancelled. It's moving very slow right now, hopefully it will speed up some more. I can see drama coming..

It airs Sunday at 10pm et/pt.

NYC Prep is on Bravo. I would call NYC Prep, a real life Gossip Girl. But really, these kids (yes KIDS) seem to be trying a little too hard. Why would you want to grow up so fast? I thought kids grew up fast in California, geez these kids are awful. This is one of those most narcissistic groups of teenagers that I have ever seen in my life. Yes, I KEEP watching this. Why? It's like a train wreck, I have to watch it.

It airs Tuesdays at 9/8 c.

This is Season 5 of Weeds. My friend Londie got me hooked on this show. I went and rented all the old seasons to get caught up with it last year. It's a show about a woman who's husband died. She had two sons to raise, so she decided to start selling marijuana. It has had all sorts of twists and turns in the previous 4 seasons. Weeds is on Showtime. I actually called and added on Showtime, just to watch Weeds. I also watch Dexter when its on Showtime.

It airs Sundays at 10pm et/pt.

Nurse Jackie is a brand new show on Showtime. I only watched it for the first time because it aired right after Weeds. So I thought, why not. O-M-G, I love Nurse Jackie. Jackie is like the Angry Julie of Nursing. Her haircut is even similar to mine. Ok, I'm not having an affair with a pharmacist, but you get the point. She's an Angry Nurse. Plus, I love Edie Falco. I first saw her in Oz and of course, The Sopranos. I just wish it was an hour long show. Thirty minutes is way way too short.

It airs Sundays at 10:30pm et/pt.

If I find anymore good summer tv, I will be sure and let you know!

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  1. We had our cable turned off for the summer (gasp!). Northern Michigan summers are just too short to get sucked into tv programs (which was happening to us). HOWEVER....the kids figured out real quick that almost everything can be watch on the internet. (sigh)

    Have you ever watched True Blood? Gotta love a good vamp story.

  2. I have NOT watched a television series since we moved to our current home - 2 years ago! In our old house, we had the TV right in the main living area... now it is downstairs... we have other TVs upstairs now, but mostly for the kids to watch a movie or cartoons a little bit each day! Blogging and photography sites have taken over the time I USED to spend watching TV and I've been just fine with it! But... just in case I decide to start watching, Nurse Jackie does spark a bit of an interest for me!

  3. I love all of these shows!! Especially Weeds!

  4. I love Army Wives! I was thinking it was a little slow too. But I'm sure it'll be a good season and will pick up soon. I hope. :)

  5. 2 more weeks til Entourage :)

  6. I don't get Bravo so I guess I have to watch NYC Prep online!

  7. Nurse Jackie looks FUN-KNEE. I love Edie. I once saw her and Stanley Tucci on Broadway in Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune and LOVED her in that.

    I tried to enter your Doodle Bugs giveaway, but was denied a comment. But I just wanted to say that her Flower Fleurish Note cards are for me !



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