Friday, June 26, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday-Master Bedrooms

For this weeks installment of "Show Us Where You Live Friday", we will be touring Master Bedrooms. I love this carnival from Kelly's Korner. I get some many decorating ideas when I tour every one's homes, ahem I mean blogs.

Oh, and let me remind house is tiny, think 1100 sq. foot.

Welcome to my Master Bedroom, actually our Master Bedroom at the Angry House!

An overall view of the bed and nightstands. Bed frame is black metal from Crate and Barrel. One of my favorite things in our house. Probably my most favorite. The nightstands are Rustic Pine. They were custom made for us. Lamps are from Z Gallery. Ceiling fan from Lowe's. Candle holders above the bed are from Pottery Barn. And last, but not least, the bedding. It's from Target, a Waverly Collection from 2004.

The view from our bedroom, the back patio area. We have a sliding glass door to the patio. The curtains are from Pottery Barn.

This is our dresser and TV. YES, we have a TV in the bedroom. I can't fall asleep without it. The dresser is Rustic Pine like our nightstands. The pictures are of Angry Toddler, of course. The TV is a Samsung, a 32", I think. The TV was hung and mounted by Angry Husband. That's his job. You are probably asking, "Where is the cable box, and DVD player? They are in our linen cabinets. See that cabinet in our bathroom area, to the right of our TV, that's where the components are.

This is our closet on the side of the bed. This is opposite of the sliding glass door. The original doors were these ugly off-white ones which were mounted to the ceiling. We had to special order these, due to the height, from Lowe's.

Why did I post a picture of the interior of our closet? It's not that special. We have the Elfa System from the Container Store installed. But do you see what's among the clothing on the shelf? It's an XBOX 360. That XBOX is connected to Angry Toddler's TV in his room. When he's been playing the XBOX too long, we go and pull the master plug. Then we tell him, "Oh no, the XBOX over-heated. It's time to stop playing for awhile." Yes, we lie to our child. He's only four.

Thanks for touring our tiny Master Bedroom. I can't wait to check out every ones!


  1. Precious! Love the bed. Love the bedding. Love the lamps. Love the room!

  2. Love the clean look and lines! That's cool about the XBOX being in your bedroom. Pretty Funny. Good Looking house Julie!!

  3. I love the way you decorate! Everything seems so uncluttered and fresh! My kind of decorating!

  4. Ohh I like the master! :) Good looking house Julie. I like the candle holders on the wall.

  5. Love your room! I can't go to sleep without the tv noise either.

  6. Love your bed and nightstands. Very pretty!

  7. I love your master bedroom!! So clean and uncluttered! Have a great weekend :)

  8. Your room is soooo fun and so is your bedding! You did an awesome job, thank you for sharing.


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