Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An AD on Craig's List, Here in Orange County...

This is a real ad..one of my Junior League gals e-mailed this out yesterday. The responses we all gave were awesome...

Recently separated O.C. male 32 years in age, in need of a part time confidant and friend for conversation, affection and a shoulder to cry on. Not into the whole process of dating and finding someone. It just gets too tedious & complicated. This is a business arrangement where you will serve as someone to help ease the stress of daily life and brighten my days.

Like I said I am single male out of The OC and part time in North L.A. County & a working professional. YES I work a lot, but like everyone, there comes a time when even I need to be shown a little affection, compassion, kindness, care. You will also be assisting me with domestic duties like pick my dry cleaning, walk the dog and so on and so forth.

Who am I looking for? Qualifications? An affectionate, passionate, caring and loving young lady. She must be between the ages of 18-25, be white or hispanic and attractive. If I'm paying someone to do this she may as well be attractive right? LOL.. Be well spoken and able to hold a conversation. Be fit, toned or of average weight. Be at least 5'2"-5'6" in height. I am looking for nothing more than just someone to share some good times with, some who is ready at a moments notice, someone who is willing to listen and lend an ear, someone who knows how to show affection. Someone who can appreciate the "compensation" I can offer. This is a mutually beneficial relationship. You make me Happy and I make you Happy. Why am I advertising in the jobs section, well because I think this would be a perfect job for someone who is attentive, a good listener and someone to act as my partner in everyday life and needs a little extra cash. Picking up dry cleaning, groceries, and driving me to church. All expectations will be presented on the table ahead of time with no questions to what is expected and not expected before your tenure with me begins. Personal transportation is a plus but not a must. Must live within a 15 mile radius of Orange County and have a stable living situation. ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS.

Hours: Some Days and Mostly Evenings Averaging 10-20 Hours A Week

Compensation: Will Vary Upon Availability and Experience but average pay will be more than McDonald's but way less than JP Morgan

Anyone ready to apply?


  1. I read it too yesterday and died laughing, first, because I know someone that it totally sounds like (although I am pretty sure it isn't) and second, you know there is someone out there going "oh my gosh, it's the perfect job for me!"

    Have you seen the 'best of craigslist'? There are some other really classic ones in there that will entertain you for hours!

  2. Sounds like a winner...too bad I'm too tall and no longer meet his age qualifications. HA!

  3. This is my job now but I don't think that Adam is paying me what this guy would. Hmmmm, I may need to redo my contract!!


  4. That is hilarious! I guess a woman with sore boobs need not apply! : )

  5. I wonder what he looks like, I guess he thinks his money can buy him love???


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