Wednesday, May 20, 2009

20 Minutes of Free Therapy

I had my morning phone call with my BFF, Stacey, this morning. We do this every weekday morning before/after preschool drop off. We vent about work, husbands, and our mothers.  We need this phone call to get through our day. We call it our free therapy.  We understand each other. We understand the issues we each have in our lives.

I vented about Disneyland yesterday. Which was supposed to be a nice birthday treat for Angry Toddler, turned into Birthday Hell. 

She vented about work and dance classes.  I understand.

And an I was drinking my 24 oz. Monster Energy throughout this entire phone call. I really really needed a 24 oz. today.

Do you have a daily ritual? Do you have to get your coffee? Check your e-mail?


  1. Ummm, I drink a diet coke every morning while I'm getting ready for work. It's a problem and I know the world judges me for it, but hey, it's my routine!

  2. I would not survive my mornings without coffee and Outlook. The first 30 minutes of every morning are spent checking recent blog updates, sorting email (deal with today, tomorrow, never...), and planning out my day. It gets me started and ready...

  3. I call you after Mrs. Angry Toddler and I get Starbucks and after I've dropped off said child at school and spoken to my mom. I have to admit I'm scared to call you on Monday Mornings tho cuz I don't want to wake you up! I HATE your pm shift...but I <3 you!

  4. I know I should be grateful that we live so close to Disneyland, but I almost always leave there crankier than when I got there.

    My morning ritual is using Little Einsteins as a mechanical mommy so I can have 20 minutes to rub the sleep from my eyes and wonder where I can get one of those kids who's not such a morning person.

  5. Red Bull every morning and girlfriend/sister chat/call/emails every day. Couldn't make it through life without any of it!

  6. I do a quick check of email and Twitter and then I go make coffee and read blogs and check in with my Facebook peeps while I drink my two cups. I need to get out of the habit of sleeping as late as I do. When I start working, it's going to be a rude awakening. But I do have to say its been nice not to have such crazy mornings or have to wait until after work to catch up with the rest of the world.

  7. Coffee, lots and lots of coffee first thing..haha
    Stopping by from MomDot Blog Link A Thon to say hello :)

  8. Starting my Monster earlier and earlier everyday. I'm sure it will be a morning ritual soon.

  9. I have to start the day with a hot shower. It sounds rather basic, but I feel off all day if I don't get the 5 minutes of quiet in the shower. It's like my form of coffee since I don't drink coffee, and I'm super cranky without it.


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