Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons, You Drink Wine

My poor BFF Stacey..she is the topic of many blog posts. I can't help it, she cracks me up. I don't think she realizes how funny she is.

Yesterday we were chatting via cellphone. She made a confession to me. She bought a bottle of wine at the grocery store, with a screw-off lid. She then also proceeded to tell me, she just might have screwed off the lid and drank some. This was during the afternoon. She was having a bad day already.

Last night was Tuesday night dinner. Stacey had a paper bag in her cute Coach Spring purse. Sure enough, she took the bag out of her purse, grabbed a cup from the pizza parlor, and poured some of that wine into the cup. She then also mentioned that she did not like the salad dressing at the pizza place. She brought out a bottle of salad dressing from her purse.

What else does Stacey have in her purse?

I told Stacey that her white trash-ness was coming out in full force. She laughed.

And she knew, yes she already knew I would be blogging about this.

Photo courtesy of gmonster25 from Flickr.


  1. Poor Stacey! I can't believe she had wine & salad dressing in her purse. That is funny!

    Stacey hope your week gets better!

  2. As of yesterday in my cute spring Coach purse I also had one frilly little girl sock. I have a vaccination card (card number 2 cuz I lost the first's in the same place as my daughters social security card). A letter from my SBA loan place (it's a nice letter...don't go there), four head bands (2 mine, 2 dd's) a half used gift card for a massage, used and unused tissues and LOTS of mail sent home from preschool.

    I do not like the dressing at the pizza place. The wine...well it was an exception because I've had an exceptionally bad week. Added to the purse today is also are rogue ativan pills. Wine and ativan are keeping me sane. Trust me that you need the Stacey medicated right now!

  3. FYI - a fun screw top wine FAV of mine is called "Pure Evil"'s a lovely white. Her charming red sister is called "B*TCH" and I hear she's fantastic, too. Just passing along helpful information. ; )

  4. lol, great post! Sounds like my purse Stacey!

  5. I love you Stacey and I don't even know you! too funny!

  6. Got to love friends like that.. they keep us smiling.
    I should starting carrying wine in my bag! hmmmmmm


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