Wednesday, April 22, 2009

San Clemente Carnival

After work, preschool, and everything else...we headed to San Clemente last Friday for their Carnival. It was a small carnival set up in the Talega area. We were meeting up with my BFF, Stacey, and her family.

Before we we went to the Carnival, we wanted to get some real food. We stopped over at First Class Pizza in the Talega Village Center prior to the Carnival. It was PACKED. FCP has a good thing going on. They are a family friendly restaurant. Everyone from San Clemente seemed to be there. Luckily we were there just in time to get a table. I highly recommend getting the Family Special there. It's $26 and well worth it.

We then met Stacey and her family at the Carnival. I bought $20 worth of ride tickets...thanks Angry Toddler for that. I did not participate in the rides. I made Angry Husband go with Angry Toddler when it required an adult to be present.

Angry Toddler and Stella Enjoying Their First Ride

Stella and Angry Toddler on the Motorcycles..Stella was scared of the Creepy Castle in front of the Motorcycles.

Angry Toddler and a Pink Elephant

Stacey and I..We both look crazy..ack look at those lines in the corners of my eyes.


  1. Angry Toddler always has the biggest smile on his face. I love it!

    And you look precious! What lines?

  2. I love the 42 comments for the free book, but just one of us being coo coo at the carnival ;)

  3. I've never gone to this, looks like fun.

  4. looks like fun! i'll have to check this out next year. and we are big fcp fans too!

    xoxo, K


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