Sunday, April 26, 2009

I gave in!

I posted on April 6th about "Needing Caffeine". I was doing so well. I hadn't drank a Monster Energy drink since Fat Tuesday, the Tuesday before Lent started.

Like I said, I was doing so well...

But they are BACK! I had to give in. They were calling me. I swear. Everywhere I went, I saw Monsters...

I think I even got Suz addicted too. She was even twittering about Monsters this weekend.

I took the photo myself with Mac's Photo Booth program. That's why the writing on the can is reversed..


  1. SUCKER! hahahaha

    I have actually never had a Monster, maybe I need one. I need energy!

  2. Ha! I have the same problem with Dr. Pepper. I can't quit it. I've tried and failed many, many times!

    I can't drink energy drinks, they make my heart beat crazzzyyy! Too much caffeine! :)

  3. Sometimes, you just gotta give in. :) I'm such a caffeine addict that Monsters barely make a dent. But they're good. I love them.

  4. but you look so happy with your MOnster!

  5. Hi Julie!

    Would you believe I've never had a Monster energy drink? I've seen them around the construction sites, presumably when the guys were up all night on a side-job or working on their own house, but I've never had one.

    I might ought to give this a try!

    Have a great angry week!


  6. I have never had one and really probably shouldn't. I don't need another vice!

    And please tell me how awesome your mac is, I HATE MY DELL!

  7. I have to tell you I bought one at the store this morning. Totally influence by you and Suz twittering about it. I'm kind of scared to drink it.

  8. There is nothing wrong with a little caffiene to help you through your day. At least you made it a couple of months with out one. That is a big step.

  9. Shoot, I'm exhausted from 4 days of twisted nightmares and gave in and had a diet coke, which isn't THAT bad but all I've had is water for 2 weeks and now I hate myself ;)

  10. Monster rules! I have nothing but gratitude toward you :)

  11. Cheers! I was wondering if you were still on a no Monster roll! I wouldn't last 2 days without my Dr Peppers!

  12. Just because of Suz and you, I went out and bought a can of Monster. Oh, my god. I could only drink a couple of sips. My taste buds couldn't handle it. Anyway, totally understand the pull of your addiction. I've got a problem with cheese and have given it up for lent more than once - never made it to Easter.


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