Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby Shower Report

On Tuesday, I threw a baby shower for my friend, a co-worker also. Why Tuesday? Because we all work the weekend and don't want to use our vacation time. We are being time frugal. Especially my friend since she needs to save her time for Maternity Leave.

Of course, I'm Type A, which means I had to over plan and stress myself out completely. It also means that I waited to the last minute to do everything. This is typical of me. I got up extra early that morning, took Angry Toddler to school, and went off on my way.

I met Kristin from Meringue Bakeshop at Peet's, a local coffee shop. I got annoyed with Peet's because they don't have Sweet'N Low. I only like Sweet'N Low and none of the other artificial sweeteners. It's my choice if I want to poison myself with it, don't take away this choice. I had to use the blue stuff, ack...

I then went on my way to the grocery store. I had pre-ordered a platter of sandwiches and fruit. I ended up buying several other things there. Did you actually think I was going to cook the food?

I headed to my friend's house and set everything up. I even prepared the candy buffet. I did a candy buffet as party favors because it was really cute and easy. I would like to thank Kristin for that idea. Party planning and cupcakes, she is fabulous!

It was a perfect shower. Plenty of food, chatting, and cute little baby gifts. My friend is very particular. She stated, "no glitter, and no cheese". I didn't do any games since it was sort of an open house. I did have to get one of those "It's a Girl" signs. My friend gave me that look.

Next month is Angry Toddler's birthday. I have to plan for that now. There's always something.


  1. Those cupcakes look amazing! Yum!

  2. Yummy!!! Hey, will Angry Toddler be 5 next month? We've GOT to get those pictures done ASAP!!!

  3. I love planning.....I know....weird.....but I love to entertain. Your cupcakes look great. Obviously you're good! (even if you buy them - that counts!)

  4. I love party planning too!! It looks like you did a great job!!

  5. YUM! Now I want a cupcake.

  6. Her cupcakes are amazing!
    I am just trying to think of an excuse for a party to order some!

    Sounds like you did a great job- and such a nice thing to do for a friend. She will always remember.

  7. Anybody that lives in OC should never be angry! Ha!!! I love everything! How precious! Thanks for sharing!!!


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