Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Latest Karma Event

Over a week ago, I went to an OC Blogger/Twitter meet-up at the wonderful California Pizza Kitchen. I was happy because this was the second meet-up within a month. I had to leave the last one early, because I had furniture being delivered.

The day before this meet-up, I told my 24-Hour Fitness Instructor, Doris, that I was going to try out her spin class the next morning. This was my original plan: drop kid off at school, go to spin class, shower and get dressed at gym, go to meet-up. It sounds like a perfect plan, right? So I got up extra early that morning. I asked Angry Husband to take the kid to preschool, because um, I was going to do that spin class with Doris. He agreed but vented how hard it was for him to take the kid to school and get to work in time. What do you think Angry Julie did that morning? Oh, she did some light house cleaning, and sat on the computer all morning. Ooops, yep, I missed the spin class. My legs were pretty sore from running the day before. I was going to use that excuse.

I arrived at the meet-up in time to meet all the girls. We had a lovely lunch. I had a salad. Suz commented on how they only had Pepsi from a gun at CPK. She has a thing about Pepsi in general. I like to make funny Twitter comments about that. I ordered a salad, not because I was trying to save calories. But because salad actually sounded good that day.

One of the gals, Kristin makes fabulous cupcakes. She brought each of us a cupcake as a little gift. I ate the cupcake after we left (ok, so I ate in while in the parking structure). It was so good. When she gave us our cupcakes, I took mine out of the box and set it in front of me. I wanted to take a picture for Twitter, of course.

This is where my Karma comes in. As I'm trying to take the picture, I look up. There is a Starbucks right next to CPK. Guess who I see walking out with a coffee? Yep, that's right Doris. I say hello, an apologize for being a work-out flake. Of course, she noticed that beautiful cupcake in front of me. I knew that I would hear about it later!

Thursdays are my hard work-out days. I do a 24-Lift class in the mornings, and I have Lululemon Run Club at night. Yes, I do both events every Thursday. I'm a little nuts. And of course, Doris runs both events. Oh boy did I hear about. I knew this was coming. I love Doris no matter what. She is inspiring to everyone around her. She announced to the entire Lift class about running into someone, and of course it was me. We heard all about it at run club too. I've found that Orange County is a small world. Sometimes when you try to lie or flake on things, karma will get you. I always say, "Everything happens for a reason." I will know better next time. I will not make promises I can't keep.

But back to the meet-up. I loved the conversations and our intimate little gathering. It was great to hang with everyone: Suz, Marcy,Rochelle, Kristin, Dana, and my BFF, Stacey.

Oh, and I couldn't forget this lovely photo taken of me. You wonder why my blog is titled, "Angry Julie Monday"? This is my usual pose. Even on vacation, I can't get away from work.

Cupcake photo courtesy of Suz.
Angry Julie photo courtesy of Marcy.


  1. Busted! How funny. No harm done, though.

  2. I hate when that stuff happens. You can't get away with anything in a small town.

    And you aren't weird for your two workouts, I walk 4 miles in the morning with kids and then run 3 by myself at night. Not every night. But then again, you are OCD like me, so maybe we are crazy!

  3. No freaking way--talk about busted--ha!!

  4. hahahaha BUSTED!

    I wish I had the energy to workout like that! That is IMPRESSIVE!

  5. But look how cute you are when you are angry???


  6. I hate when I get caught! But I'm sure the cupcake made it all worth it!!

  7. See? This is exactly why I don't exercise! Too much accountability.
    Love that picture of you, classic.


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