Saturday, February 07, 2009

Toy and Product Recall Finder

As a parent, I try and read all the reviews on the products that I buy my son. It hard with all these choking hazards, safety issues, poisoning issues, car seat laws, and other things going on. I don't remember my parents dealing with any of this. I really don't even remember being in a carseat. But alas I survived.

Being in law enforcement, I unfortunately see lots of incidents that the normal public doesn't see. I tend to be on the overly paranoid side of things. Even Angry Husband has jumped on this. He can install a carseat without any effort.

I was recently contacted by a Representative from Parent's Magazine. They wanted to let my readers know that they now have a Toy and Product Recall Finder on their website. It is really easy to use.

For more information on product recalls, you can also check out, The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

For more information on recalls relating to car seats, you can check out, SaferCar.Gov.


  1. I should check it out but I am too lazy, lol!

  2. Great Post

    You may also want to try

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