Saturday, February 28, 2009

Silence in the House Last Night

For a couple of weeks, my mom has been asking to have Angry Toddler overnight. I ask her every Friday, "Is this going to be the night?" She gets a little skittish and back peddles her request.

My parents haven't had Angry Toddler overnight since he was about 5-6 months old. He will be 4 in May. My mom and dad have heard our struggles with getting Angry Toddler asleep at night. I think they were more scared than anything. My mom watches Angry Toddler all day on Saturdays while Angry Husband and I are at work. By having Angry Toddler spend the night at their house, my mom actually gets to sleep in a little. My mom usually gets to our house at about 6:45am on Saturdays.

We picked Angry Toddler up from school yesterday and then did some errands at Costco. Angry Toddler wanted hot dogs and a churro from Costco, of course, for dinner. Gee, do you think we were going to say no? A less than $10 dinner for all 3 of us.

After we left Costco, I called my mom. She told us to bring Angry Toddler over. We promptly, ok, at an almost high rate of speed drove him to get some stuff for AT. I packed his blankets, and clothing..oh, and couldn't forget the Hershey's Syrup for chocolate milk. We dropped him off at about 7pm.

Angry Husband and I then proceeded to Sur La Table. This is his new favorite store. AH has really gotten into watching the Food Network lately. So he's researching some gadgets. I think he's narrowing down his wants/needs right now. We are probably going to buy a KitchenAid Mixer this week to get him started.

After browsing a little more, we headed over to Fashion Island. Fashion Island is an outdoor mall in Newport Beach. It was soo quiet there. Plus, there were lots of stores vacant. I was truly shocked to see that Pottery Barn was gone. We spent lots of time in the Apple store though, which will be a whole other post.

We finally both decided we were tired and went home. We ended up watching TV for a little bit and then we were both snoring about 10pm.

My mom said AT did great. He went to bed around 9pm and woke up at 8am! YAY!


  1. I now have an angry 14 year old who makes the 18 year old angry. :)

    Unfortunately, my parents and inlaws rarely watched my kids, either.

  2. I really need to start reading more blogs!!! I've been seriously slacking. I love your new blog design, it's the cutest one I've seen in ages!!!

  3. How lucky to have a kid free night. Bram has always done well at grandparents, Tess only sleeps well in a crib. NO pack n'play for her, it is a nightmare and stresses me out.

    Babystyle went bankrupt, shocking all the stuff closing down.

  4. Let's talk about this, do you put your blog up at every open computer at The Apple Store or it that just me?

  5. Thanks everyone! I think my parents may watch him again this Friday too.

    Suz, I told my husband about ur comment, he laughed. I then said, well how can i go and put my blog up on all their computers...because Suz's is already up. :)


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