Monday, February 02, 2009

Rest in Peace, Bob

Angry Husband sent me a text yesterday, "Bobs Dead".

Who is Bob? Bob is one of our saltwater fish. We had Bob since November of 2007. He was the biggest fish in our tank. He had the best personality. He would follow you around the tank, like a dog. Plus, Bob was always hungry and willing to eat.

Bob was a Vlamingi Tang.

I noticed that Bob didn't look quite right the past week. He kept hiding in the back of the tank. Bob is usually swimming back and forth in the front of the tank. Angry Husband found him frozen solid between some rocks in the tank.

We had previously discussed, "The Future of the Tank" a few weeks ago. Angry Husband said that if "Bob dies, I'm taking down the tank". I asked him what he's going to do about the tank. He doesn't know yet.

I'm kind of sad. He was a really cool fish.


  1. Sorry about Bob. I don't have much luck with fish either. I actually have a one-finned fish at the moment. He's swimming around fine for the moment, but I've renamed him Stubby. When these two eventually go, I think I'm packing the tank up as well. I truly believe dogs are easier.

  2. Oh, poor Bob! He was really cool. Your text said Bon died and I thought you meant your Aunt Bonnie!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about Bob. Hubby want's a salt water tank so badly, but he hasn't sold me on the idea yet.

  4. Poor Bob. I will pray for you and your family.

    How did the race go?

  5. Poor Bob, may he rest in fish heaven!

  6. AW! Poor Bob! Poor you..... RIP big fish!

  7. Ah, man. Sorry about Bob, honey!! I've never met a cool fish before, but if I did I'm sure he'd be like Bob. :)

  8. Poor Bob, may he rest in fish heaven..
    i know how it feels i have my fishes for over 6 years and one die two month ago it was heartbreaking for the family, some people think its silly but when you have them for so long you consider them as part of the family...

  9. On the other hand, we got amelia a fish thsi summer...i rarely change the water or feed it, and this dang beta fish and still hanging around, ha.

  10. Awwww - so sorry to hear about Bob! :( We used to have fish, when our kids were young and I could spend HOURS looking at them. I found it so calming.
    I just found your blog by a coincidence, and I'll be back. :)

  11. Poor Bob!! He was a cool looking fishy!

  12. Thanks Everyone for ur thoughts!!

    It really sux not seeing him swimming back and forth when I walk in the door from my garage.

    Our tank is ridiculous now. Six feet long, 125 gallons with 6 tiny fish in it.

    I don't know what we are going to do with it.


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