Monday, February 16, 2009

My Version of the Hallmark Holiday

Saturday was Valentine's Day. I had to work and so did Angry Husband. No big deal. We didn't have any special plans to go out that night. We don't have our "special" place that we go too. But that's ok. I've never been that type of girl who wants to be wine'd and dine'd. Yes, my friends who know me, will say that I am high maintenance. But I'm not a foodie at all.

I pre-ordered a pizza from Papa John's Pizza. I know that they always have heart shaped pizzas on Valentine's Day. I figured that they would be busy with lots of orders, so I went online and scheduled my delivery for 6:30pm. Isn't that cool.

Angry Husband knows that I don't like received flowers on Valentine's Day. Cause seriously, they die and you're out like $100. You know what I could buy for $100, lots of things! That's a whole Target shopping spree.

I got Angry Husband a pair of DVS skateboard shoes on e-bay. They are the style that he likes, and he needed some new shoes. He got me an itunes gift card. I love my music and shows!

Angry Husband made some cupcakes Friday night. Angry Toddler and my mom frosted and decorated the cupcakes on Saturday morning.
Oh, and I got Angry Toddler a trash truck. He's been wanting it for awhile. I almost bought him the truck for Christmas but it was expensive, like $80. I had already bought him alot for Christmas so I held off. I was shopping my local TJ Maxx (love that place) and found the same trash truck, for $19.99.

We ate the pizza, watches the tv, and hung out. Some nice family time.


  1. My kind of night, Just Chillin'.

    That is cute, a heart shaped pizza~

    Score of the cheaper trash truck!

  2. Sounds like a perfect evening. I miss Papa Johns, it is my favorite.

  3. That pizza looks so good! I am so doing that next year

  4. That's pretty much what we did - except we cooked hamburgers. I don't think Tom and I have been on a "date" in like a year.

  5. Ooooo I love Angry Julie! I could really get into some angry-talk here! Thanks for coming by my blog. Yay! Looks like you rule.

  6. this pizza is amazing. and calling my name. i'm jealous.

  7. seriously.... we had almost identical v-days

  8. We had pizza too. I wish I had known about the heart shaped pizza. We had pizza, hot wings, apple martini's and chocolate covered strawberries, not exactly at the same time. And watched a movie. Simple and sweet, with two kids and the house there isn't much you really can do.


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