Thursday, February 19, 2009

Facebook and Family

This past week, everyone was in an uproar about Facebook changing their terms of service. I saw all kinds of posts on the forums, Twitter, blogs, and several web pages about it.

Here are some of the articles.

The Consumerist

Yahoo News
Amanda French

I read all the posts, and made myself aware. Facebook has back-tracked and decided to return to their old terms of service. I'm not too concerned because I have privacy settings on my page.

I have the Facebook for Blackberry application set on my cellphone. When I got ready to take Angry Toddler to preschool, I checked my phone for e-mails, texts, and Facebook messages. I saw that I had a new "friend request" from my Aunt. I freaked! I told Angry Husband, and we both agree, "Ohhh nooo." This Aunt is known for her chain e-mails, craziness, and random e-mail updates. I've tried to step away from that side of the family, and have been successful for almost a year now.

When I finally got home from dropping Angry Toddler off at school, and going to the gym, I sat down at the computer again. I clicked on my Aunt's profile (cause I'm nosey). I click on her "wall" to see what's she's got up there, and who she's chatting with. I FREAK! She has (3) recent photos of Angry Husband, Angry Toddler, and I on her wall. Somehow she's right clicked them from MY friends' pages. These are all photos that I have either been "tagged in" or (2) I posted on my page. I had to go through all my "privacy settings" and make sure everything was set to "private". Angry Husband and I are soo pissed. I even called my BFF, Stacey and she made sure that she changed the settings for pictures of me. Nice Aunt of mine, stealing photos by right-clicking them.

Everyone is worried about what Facebook is doing with our photos. I'm worried about family getting a hold of my pictures. In one of the pictures, I was wearing my work uniform, aka police uniform. I don't want everyone is my crazy family knowing where I work. Seriously, that side of the family is CRAZY, with a capital "C". That's all we need.

I'm ignoring her friend request. Hopefully, she won't keep asking me. I don't think she got the hint when I didn't send her my new e-mail address, almost 2 years ago. She was one of the main reasons that I changed my e-mail address in the first place.


  1. I hear that screaching phsyco music in my head! She is a whackadoo!!!

  2. HA!! We just moved and didn't tell one whole side of the family... how is that for stepping away from one side!!


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