Sunday, January 18, 2009

If U Seek Amy

I have always had a love for Britney Spears. I'm not hiding it. My friend, Lindsay, also loves Britney. I know that if I want to talk about Britney, Lindsay will always be there for me.

Angry Husband knows about my love for Britney also. I made sure that we had all of Britney's albums downloaded onto our itunes, last week. I even made him sync it to our Apple TV.

So Angry Husband comes home the other night and says, "Did you hear about Britney's controversial new song?" I was like no... He says it's the song, "If U Seek Amy" on the Circus CD. I don't really pay much attention to song titles. I just like what I hear. He then says, "sound it out...." Yea ok, I get it. He then tells me that it's all over the radio that some stations are banning it/and or not playing it. I said dumb..

Angry Husband thinks Britney is trashy. I still like her. But then I had to Google about the drama involved with the song. I found the following stories.

Media Channel
Access Hollywood

I think there are far worse things out there in the media. I'm a mother and all. But I can't stand censorship.

Of course, Angry Husband has me obsessed with this song now. I listen to it all the time. He says that he can't even get it out of his head.


  1. That is my favorite song on the album!!!

  2. Alright...I am sofa king we todd did! I've been saying the title out loud for five minutes and it finally hit me.

  3. Okay, I'm so out of the loop that it took me reading your wiki link before I figured it out. hahaha I haven't gotten "into" Circus like I was hoping to, so I'm going to have to listen to it tomorrow!

  4. Okay. I am the blondest person alive because I could not figure it out until I got Wikipedia to explain it! I think the whole thing is funny! I love her too.

  5. When people freak out and ban it it just drives up sales. Which is the whole point of putting out a song like that.

    Controversy = Sales

    I wouldn't let my daughter listen to it, but then I don't let her listen to Katie Perry(??) either. But I do think it's hilarious. I'm sure my husband will think so to.

  6. I must be tired. It took me saying it 10 times before the light bulb went off and I got it.

    When I was in high school, the English teachers used to put out this booklet of student's poetry once a year. One poem got by the teachers that said the same thing. The guy who wrote it made the first letter of every line those letters (well, actually it was "you" instead of "me," but you get the point). You had to stare at the poem awhile to even know that the words were there.

    Once I saw it, I laughed. I laughed at this one as well, although, like I said, I had to say it a few times to get it. I'm sure it will go over a lot of people's heads the same way the poem did.

  7. OK.. it took me forever to figure thsi out.. I did it all by myself. I feel so smart now! LOL!

  8. Yeah, I'm with Tamara...I figured it out! Yay, I'm so hip:P Meh, I like it...

  9. yea in the middle she goes love me. f me. and says the whole word. DIRTY britney!

  10., I totally don't get it. Is listening to the song a requirement?


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