Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ok, Finally Got our Christmas Card done

I've been playing with our Christmas card on Shutterfly for at least a week now. Of course, I wanted to have the perfect Christmas card. Is that wrong?

I always procrastinate on getting photographs done for Christmas. Angry Toddler's First Christmas, I had photos taken in November. His second Christmas, November, yet again. Ya, the past two years, not soo much.

We were going to take Christmas photos last night. I had an appointment with Sears. I was even going to meet up with a friend. But, unfortunately, Angry Toddler had the puke monster going on inside his stomach, and well, ya ruined my plans.

So frustrated. I headed to Shutterfly. I found a collage card that had 8 slots for photographs. I took 4 photographs of Angry Toddler and each of us parents, then 4 seperate ones of Angry Toddler by himself. I have sooooo many cards to send out. I had to order 50. Yikes, very expensive. This is what I get for waiting. I should know better. I've missed out on a ton of discount codes. I did use a free shipping code, so that will save me a little money.

I would show you all the card, my all my internetz tricks aren't working today.


  1. have your tried, taking a screen shot? you hold down "alt" and "print screen" at the same time?
    I am sure the card is adorable!!

  2. OMG, look at your new BLOG! Super cute Julie. I love Shutterfly!

  3. Hey, you're doing better then me. I decided not to do cards at all this year! :(


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