Monday, December 01, 2008

A Miracle Happened Today

I usually lounge around on Sundays and try to sleep in. Angry Husband is home so I don't have to get up with Angry Toddler. BUT, they are both kinda loud and keep me up anyway. I hear Angry Toddler in the bathroom around 6:45am this morning. I then heard the kitchen cabinets opening, along with Angry Toddler's little voice.

I grabbed my blanket and knew it was time to move to the "big bed" a.k.a. the master bedroom. Yep, I was sleeping in Angry Toddler's bed. I went into the bedroom and Angry Husband was still asleep. I casually mentioned, "Oh, ya Angry Toddler is in the kitchen hunting for food." Angry Husband was still out of it and didn't quite believe me. I said, "Ya, umm, he's probably been up for about 10 minutes. He went potty and must have hopped the baby gate".

Angry Husband then got up. But, about 30 minutes later, I received no peace. I could hear Angry Toddler talking loud and the sound of Angry Husband's DeWalt drill. Angry Husband was taking the baby gates down. Angry Toddler knows how to get over them and it's more of a hazard having them up now. We have some massive kid proofing to do this week.

After I was finally awake and showered, Stacey and Stella came over. We headed over to the Irvine Spectrum to take some photographs of the kids. We went to lunch at Wahoo's while we were there. I took the pictures while they were being silly in their cute x-mas outfits.

Then, Stacey and I had an idea. What if we tried to take the kids to see Santa. I have tried every year to take Angry Toddler to visit Santa. He always flips out and runs away. I only have one photo from 2005, when AT was an infant. Somehow Stacey and Stella persuaded AT to go and chat with Santa. The photo turned out quite good. I call this a miracle cause AT has seriously refused the past few years.

I'm still editing the photographs from earlier, I will try and post them tomorrow.


  1. The picture is perfect! How adorable! I love his haircut:)

  2. That is great picture. All of my pictures with Santa from when I was that age have me screaming in them. I think that is very common.

  3. Great pic! My son was born in September of 2005 and that year is the only decent pic of he and santa we have so far... maybe this year? ha yeah right!

  4. LOVE the Santa photo! I am leaving for Disney in 30 minutes--going see Neil Patrick Harris at EPCOT. I am so excited. Date night with hubby, we got a sitter!!

  5. Now that is adorable, glad you go such an awesome picture this year.


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