Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Price Comparisons for Christmas Shopping

Angry Toddler received a catalog from Young Explorers yesterday. He picked out the Bruder Recycling and Garbage Truck from the catalog. The truck is priced at $79.95. YES, that is pricey, but I know that Bruder makes great trucks and they are very durable.

Well luckily, I'm a pretty savvy shopper. I've already found the truck cheaper at the following sites:

The Golden Apple Learning Store-$59.95

Image Toys-$64.95

Play Fair Toys-$65.95


I could potentially save over $20 for this truck by just shopping around. There are also lots of sites with Free and/or Reduced Shipping. If you start shopping early enough, there are deals out there.

I just wanted to type this, because luckily for the internet, we are able to bargain shop and we don't even have to leave our houses!


  1. I agree...it really does pays to shop around!!!

    WTG Momma...is this one of is xmas presents?

  2. Found you through OSB and envy your running skills. I'm a walker and have been trying to get back into the swing of things but concerned about the snow ... it not a matter if it's coming it's when. sigh.

  3. You good little shopper. More money leftover now to buy more visors. :D


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