Sunday, September 07, 2008

One of the Hardest Things I've Ever Done

Yesterday was my first ever mud run. I ran the 5K portion of the SBSD Mud Run. I had never ever done a mud run. My co-workers participated in Camp Pendleton's Mud Run, 2 years ago and they really liked it. I mean, who would do this again, if they didn't like it, right?

Monique, my usual running partner got me prepped for the race. I work black compression shorts, Nike shorts over the compression shorts, a tight black sports bra, and a tight fitting running tank top. I pair it with a pair of old shoes (well I retired my current shoes, due to mileage), and some thinner socks. I was stream lined as I could be. She told me that you don't want to be wearing any type of cotton, cause it only gets heavier when you're wet and muddy.

So we lined up to start the race. Before it even started, a firetruck pulled up alongside us. They turned on their hoses and sprayed the entire crowd. I was soaking wet by that point. We then started the race. The first obstacles that we hit were some cement barrels, and hay bundles. We had to hop over them. We then started running uphill. After we hit the peak of the hill, we made a left, and started on some obstacles. We went up and down little hills, at the bottom of the hills were mud ponds. Seriously, the mud was as thick as quick sand. I got stuck several times, but luckily there were lots of strong boys to help me out. This went on and on, until we had to climb another steep hill. Really, you couldn't run it, you just had to walk it, it was straight up.

Once, we ran down the steep hill, you thought you were at the Finish Line. Oh no, there were still tons of obstacles to go. We climbed over many steep hills, stomach crawled through some ponds, hopped wood walls/fences, and belly climbed some more.

When all was said and done, I was covered in mud on every inch of my body. My eyes were stinging from the mud, and my legs were throbbing. I look down at my knees and they were bleeding. They looked like hamburger.

We then waited in line for the showers. Yea, umm they sucked. Seriously, they were like tiny sprinklers suspended about 12 feet over our heads. We did not get clean at all. We then noticed that there was some kind of water truck over to the side. Well we walked over there and finally got semi clean. They had this water truck open like a fire hydrant on a hot summers day. We then had to walk back to my car and change our clothes. What a mess. Everything was caked in mud. We had to put everything in trash bags.

We all went to eat some lunch and then went home. I took a long shower when I got home including a nice 2 hour nap. I was physically and mentally exhausted. I cursed out loud and to myself several times during this race. Just when you thought you were done, another obstacle came along.

Everyone who had done the Camp Pendleton Race, which is a 10K, agreed that the obstacles were much worse in this one and that it was alot muddier. I don't know if I will ever do this run again, but I might try the Camp Pendleton one sometime in the future.

Monique brought along one of those disposable waterproof cameras along the way. She's going to take it in to be developed this week. Also, the official race pictures won't be up until Tuesday.

But here's some sample pictures to show what a Mud Run consists of.


  1. WTG on doing it...I know I wouldn't have done that. MUD and Londie...don't mix!!!

  2. Hey! I ran the race, too. I had my boyfriend on the sidelines taking pictures, so you might want to look through mine to see if you can find any of yourself.

    Good job! I'm totally signing up for Pendleton in '09.

  3. duckierose,

    Thanks for posting the link to your pictures. I don't think I'm in any of them, sigh....

    I saw on your site that you did really well.

    Where did you find the results?

  4. AWESOME FOR YOU!! I could never do anyting like that--ha!

  5. Kudos to you, YOU STUD!!

    You are really inspiring!

    That looks like it was Hella Hard!

  6. Great job! I have wanted to do one of these for a while now. I just can't talk anyone into going with me!

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