Saturday, August 09, 2008

Being Sick and Being a Mom

Gone are the days when I could go home, take some Tylenol PM and sleep all night.

Angry Toddler was sick Wednesday night. I kept him home Thursday. He slept about half the day and then I took him to the Dr. in the afternoon. They diagnosed him with an ear infection and a cold. They gave him some antibiotics and sent us on our way, minus a $25 co-pay.

Yesterday, Angry Husband stayed home with Angry Toddler since AT was medicated. AT is not good on medications. He has asthma and when he gets breathing treatments, he goes on a steroid-al high. That's why we kept him home. Well I got to work, all was fine and dandy. About 2 hours later, my nose started running..

By the end of the day, my runny nose had turned into a full blown cold. I waited until I got home to take some cold meds. As the night went on, my cold got worse.

I woke up this morning at 5am not feeling any better. I took a shower and drugged myself with some more Tylenol Cold. Why didn't I stay home from work? Because I would be all alone with Angry Toddler. Does that sound like a fun day when you're sick? My mom watched AT on Saturdays. But sometimes, well ok most of the time, she's pretty selfish. If she knew I was staying home sick, she wouldn't have come over to watch AT.

So here I sit at work, miserable. I have to leave work at 2pm anyway, my parents are leaving for an anniversary party. Hopefully, Angry Husband will get home early and I can get some sleep. I already laid on the floor here in my office for an hour. Laying on a concrete floor, using your jacket as a pillow is not comfortable, just an FYI.

If I don't feel any better, I'm calling in sick tomorrow. Angry Husband will be home tomorrow and he can take care of AT.

I might be blogging a little or a lot today. I can't tell. I can't concrete on work right now, so Internet surfing will keep me preoccupied for now.


  1. That Bites, No Fun! I hope you get to rest.

    This is your last line and I think it hit's the nail on the head.

    I can't concrete on work right now, so Internet surfing will keep me preoccupied for now.

    I think you meant concentrate LOL

  2. LMAO Amy!!!!

    You're right. OMG I'm such a tard.

    Luckily, I'm home now. Angry Toddler is forcing me to watch the damn Bee Movie though.

  3. ugh I hate Bee Movie! Of course R loves it so he tortures me by watching it all the time.

    Isn't it crazy how colds hit so fast? But it sucks being sick and taking care of a toddler isn't conducive for getting well fast! LOL.

    Hope you get rid of the cold soon!

  4. oh yeah I noticed the "concrete" too! LOL. You must have had concrete on the mind!

  5. So sorry the Julies aren't feeling well... hope you all feel better soon!

    Your sister in suffering,

  6. I hope you're feeling better!! Poor Hula!!!

  7. Alas...

    I'm still sick. I drank some more Tylenol Cold meds about an hour ago....

    And tomorrow I'm working one of my lovely 20 hour shifts!


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