Thursday, July 03, 2008

New Domain Name

A Big Round of Applause to Sasha for helping me set-up my new domain. She totally rocks!!! She was able to help Ashley and me this weekend.

My new domain is: You can now change your bookmarks to this. You can still use the old blogspot address as well, it is set-up to re-direct you.

I feel soo special!!! I am very Happy that angryjuliemonday dot com wasn't taken. But really, there is only one Angry Julie Monday and that's me.

Once Again!!!!! Thanks Sasha! I've been soo busy this week, so it's the first chance I've had to blog.


  1. You're welcome! I love doing stuff like that!

  2. No Really Sasha! Thank you!

    I could probably learn how to do it, but my ADD takes over and I can't concentrate....

    Hence why I have no blogs for a few days then all of the sudden, I do like 3 blogs in a day.


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