Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Day at the pool with friend

So I went to the gym this morning. I was soo bored after 15 minutes on the elliptical. But I got a little more peppy when they were talking about Plastic Surgery on the view. I love hearing about plastic surgery. Everyone needs to get some...hahaha. So I stayed on there for 30 more minutes.

Then I came home and changed. My pal Evil Mo aka Monique came over and we went to lunch. We had some yummy tacos at El Torito. We should have had some margaritas too. We made a promise to each other to come back for some margaritas.

Then we headed to CVS for some magazines and water. Yes, people, I even used coupons. Then off we went to the pool.

I felt like a teenager. Lounging on the pool chaises while everyone was chasing their kids around. Angry Toddler was at preschool. Mo and I had fun listening to everyone's conversations. YES, I'm nosey. Everyone knows that about me.

I listened to one mommy (who was wearing a bathing suit, she shouldn't be wearing) bitch about one of their other mommy friends. How that friend doesn't want to do playdates or anything like that. Well good for friend. I'm not that playdate, playgroup type of mommy either.

Then another mommy (who was wearing a tankini with roses all over it) was chasing everyone else's kids around. Wasn't it naptime yet?

And people wonder why I only have one child?

P.S. Do you like my artsy photo taken with my Blackberry? It's my new thing. I taken random photos and post them on my blog and/or my Facebook account.


  1. oh to have a day at the pool by myself. soak it up girl!

  2. Ahhh that is a cool pic!! You are to cute!!! Thanks for spending the day with me!! We need to do that again next week!! :)~~

  3. you are to cute!! I like the pic!! Thanks for spending the day with me!! We need to do that again next week ... we just need to go to the non kid pool please!!!

  4. p.s. can we go to a non kid pool tho next time?!! heehe

  5. p.s. can we go to a non kid pool tho next time?!! heehe

    p.p.s. my tummy is all red now!! ugh kinda hurts :(

  6. Look at you Mrs. Sexy Legs!! LOL! Cute pic!

  7. I want a new nose!!! I see PS on my horizon!

  8. Okay, first I am jealous that you had a pool day ALONE. Second, OH how I would have loved to 'dish the other women in their wrong suits--hehe! I am bad like that!

  9. That is actually a really good picture for a camera and I like the artsy take on it.

    I am totally nosy too :)

    P.S. I would totally love to do a ride along. My Hubby has gone on a few before and loved them. I think it would be neat.

  10. A day at the pool? Sounds like fun!

    I am terrible with the camera phone. Have never gotten a good shot.

    Now with my new Canon Rebel, I should be able to get something good, if Amazon would ever deliver my memory card!

  11. That's a great photo! And what a nice day...


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