Saturday, July 19, 2008

Angry Toddler, Please Take a Nap

Well it's almost 4pm. I worked out today, worked for 5 hours, and attended a kid's birthday party.

Unfortunately Angry Toddler is wild and reckless. I have to watch him every 5 seconds when he's at a birthday party. The kid was having too much fun in the bounce house. He refused to eat and/or even sit down for a second.

Everytime, I offered him food, I got this response: "No thank you". Yes, the kid is polite, but geez he needs to eat. He had those bounce house red cheeks. I made him drink some water, which he did take a few sips.

Of course, when it was cake time. Guess who was patiently sitting on a chair waiting for a piece, Angry Toddler. The kid loves cake. I'm not that parent who won't give him dessert since he didn't it". It was a birthday party. I was like, what the hell, eat some damn cake. Believe me, it was good cake.

I finally had to drag him out of there, cause I was tired.

He is now sitting on the couch, being babysat by his favorite rabbit, Ruby. You know the famous Ruby from Max and Ruby. I really hate that chick. She's quite bossy.

I'm hoping he will doze off soon so mama can get some rest. I'm about to pass out. Maybe Angry Husband will come home soon. That would be delightful.


  1. I swear our kids are cake fiends!!! I don't think Lauren cares about birthday parties...all she cares about is that damn cake!!!

  2. OMG, Julie...I could have written that post myself. SAME HERE. We went to a birthday party and couldn't leave until the cake was served...Mimi didn't nap, and became a WILD CHILD...and our day always ends with Max and Ruby! :))


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