Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fridge is Broken

Ugh....last Wednesday, I selected my yogurt from our refrigerator. I noticed that the container was kinda luke warm. I looked at the temperature on the fridge and it said 65 degrees, yuck! So I pushed on the digital arrows and moved the temp down.

I called Angry Husband at work and let know about the problem. He told me to call Best Buy, because it's still under warranty. So I called Best Buy and scheduled an appointment for Thursday.

Throughout the day, the temperature just got higher and higher. It finally reached a high of 75 degrees. I then checked the freezer. Well, the temperature problem had finally hit the freezer and everything was melting. So we cleaned out the refrigerator and the freezer. We had to throw everything that was parishable away.

On Thursday, the technician from Best Buy came. He told me that we needed a new thermostat. He said that he would order the parts to be overnighted. He told me that he was able to get the fridge running temporarily until he came back. He said it was ok to put food back in it.

So Thursday night, Angry Husband, Angry Toddler, and I went to Target. My 1st Target trip for the week. I'm trying to stay out of Target more, because I buy stuff I don't really need. Anywho, we spent over $100 getting some basics necessities. Mostly stuff for Angry Husband's lunches and some food for Angry Toddler.

Well, yesterday, my mom was watching Angry Toddler at our house. She mentioned that the fridge temp was up again and that the milk seemed a little warm. She monitored it for a couple of hours and she, yep, it's up to 65 degrees again.

So I called Best Buy again. The person told me that the earliest that anyone could come out was Wednesday. Plus, our parts were in and they could also be installed on Wednesday. Gee thanks, Best Buy.

So basically all the food that we bought it at Target has gone to waste again. Angry Husband is compiling an excel document with all the food that we've lost to send to Best Buy for reimbursement.

We are really pissed because we were trying to be better and eat at home more. Now, with no refridgerator, it makes it kind of difficult.


  1. How frustrating! I'd take that as an excuse to eat the whole gallon of ice cream in one sitting...

    Hope they get your problem fixed soon!

  2. ugh Julie that sucks!

    I hope best buy gets their heads out of their butts and fixes it right and soon!


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