Thursday, June 19, 2008

Angry Toddler is a Season Passholder

Yep! As of yesterday, Angry Toddler is a Season Passholder at Disneyland. If you are over 3 years old, you need a ticket to get into Disneyland.

Angry Husband and I think that Season Passes should start at age 5. Seriously, the kid can't get on 75% of the rides, because of his height.

AT turned "3" last month. I swear, it's like the Disney employees knew or something. We've been going to Disney alot since we got our Season Passes in March. AT turned 3 on May 19th. I swear on May 21st or so, the employees started asking. How old is he? Angry Husband would reply, "oh, he turns 3 in July". LIE!! But geez, a Season Pass for AT was $259, the same price as ours. Which is crazy.

My mom and I were playing a little 2-day Disneyland vacation for July yesterday. And we started talking about Caden needing a pass now. Wouldn't you know, she gave me her credit card number and told me to buy him a pass online. So that's what I did. Thank You Angry Momma.

I also booked (2) nights at Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel in July. Ugh, the rooms were expensive. Once again, I'm not paying, Angry Momma is paying. But the trip is booked. I'm sure it will be hot as hell, since we are going in July. Perfect, we can enjoy the pool at the hotel then.


  1. Can I get on that Mom plan!! My mom is *TIGHT* with her money!!! LOL

  2. We did the same thing with P when he turned three... pretended it didn't happen. I agree- if they can't ride the rides, why should we pay????

  3. Don't remind me! I am trying to hit all the "Character breakfasts" the next few weeks before Mimi turns 3. (She is still eating free now--ha!)

  4. How awesome of your Mom! Mine owuld never think of doing that! lol. It's so stinkin' expensive though! They should do a "preschoolers" pass os somthing at a discounted rate seems they can not ride everything.


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