Sunday, May 04, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Week

As I was signing my son out of preschool last Friday, I noticed an extra piece of paper in his folder. The piece of paper was a letter from his school's director. The paper stated that next week (starting tomorrow) would be Teacher Appreciation Week.

Ugh, seriously....

Next weekend is Mother's Day, Angry Husband's Family is coming into town for 3 days, and the week after that is Angry Toddler's birthday.

I wish the school would have given more advanced notice, than 5pm, the Friday before...

I'm soo stumped on what to do for his teachers...

And on top of everything else, his has two main teachers, but several other teachers work his classroom DAILY. Do I get individual items? Do I get a group item?

Is there a budget? Seriously, this is Orange County, California. Not everyone is rich.

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  1. I went to the teacher supply store. I bought a pack of paper for the girls to decorate. You send them in and they make them into plates. It's 3.95 per plate, shipping is 7.00 for up to 10 plates.

    We have five teachers this year. 2nd, 3rd, 4th grade for Rapunzel, and 2 kindergarten for SuperChic. Plus a crossing guard. (She goes out of her way to making sure the kids are safe. Including driving them the two blocks home when they get hurt.)


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