Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Operation Stash the Toy Does Not Work

Angry Husband and I realized that "Operation Stash the Toy" does not work anymore with Angry Toddler. He's way too smart.

We told him that he could pick out one toy at Target tonight. He picked out like three things and threw them in the cart. The most coveted item, a train from Thomas the Train. Right after he picked out the train, he wanted a $2.97 ball.

As we rounded the corner, Angry Husband removed the train from the cart and placed it on the shelf.

On the way home, AT began to ask for the train. We kept changing the subject.

Then when we got home, he went digging in the bags for the train. He said, "Where is my Special Train." It broke my heart. He looked soo sad.

I told Angry Husband, "We can't pull that one anymore, he knows".

Thirty minutes later, he's still asking for the train.

Edited to Add:

Angry Husband promptly went back to Target.


  1. Hi, I just followed the link over from Ashley's Closet and your blog cracks me up. I love that everyone is angry.

    And my daughter is at that stage too. She's remembering stuff. I can't tell her about our plans for the day because if I decide to skip something she's all over me about it.

    I'm so glad Angry Dad went back to Target for the train...I'm that kind of parent too. The disapointment on a little one's face is just too much for me to take.

  2. uuuugh. AT knows how to work it. :)

  3. Angry Husband promptly went back to Target.

    Too funny!

    Congrats on the new camera BTW.


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