Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Find my Keys, Please

I usually leave my keys in the center console of my truck, which is USUALLY inside the garage.

I did a 5K run yesterday so I took of the clump of keys and downsized them to my truck key, alarm thingy, and my lo-jack thingy.

We went to Disneyland yesterday. I drove home last night. Angry Husband always makes me drive. Anywho, my sunglasses are in the kitchen, but my keys are not. I couldn't park my truck in the garage cause AH left Angry Toddler's bikes everywhere on Sunday.

Now it's 7am-ish. I need to take Angry Toddler to preschool at 8 and I have a ton of errands to do. But no keys.

I had to call my mom, whom lives 15 minutes away, to bring me my spare set. She has the spare set.

ARGH! I'm going to have to look everywhere in this house today. I think Angry Toddler got a hold of them.

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  1. Your Angry Hubby sounds like my hubby! He thinks he has a built-in chauffer in me too, always wants me to drive everywhere... Everytime we're heading out we RUN towards the passenger side seat. Whoever wins rides shotgun. Loser drives!


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