Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Can you hop a small gate?

We have a small fence in our front yard. It's too keep Angry Toddler in, not to keep people out.

When we are playing in the front yard with Angry Toddler, we put a padlock on the gate so AT won't open it and run out in the street.

Today is the day that my cleaning people are supposed to come. I heard my dogs barking this morning, so I peeked out the window and saw them on my driveway. The one lady was on her cellphone talking. About 15 minutes later, she still had not come to the door. I went outside to look, and she was gone. I then realized that Angry Husband had left the padlock on the gate last night.

I tried calling her daughter's cell, but no answer.

I can jump the gate, it's pretty easy for an adult to go over it.

Sigh, our house is dirty after Angry Toddler's party. I soo don't want to clean today.


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