Monday, April 28, 2008

Day Two of Project: Single Parent

Today was Day 2 of being alone without Angry Husband.

Last night I got home from work and took over parenting from my parents. Well not really, we all went to dinner. Then Angry Toddler and I came home, had bath time, and then bedtime.

I dropped Angry Toddler off at school this morning and went to work. Work was ok for me today, but omg it was hot. Seriously, I love the sun, but working in it, not so much. I left work a little early so I could come home and clean up.

I then went and got Angry Toddler from school. He had an excellent day. I grabbed him a Happy Meal (Yes, I'm Parent of the Year!) and we went to San Clemente, where my friend Stacey owns a Little Gym. She had a class tonight that fits Angry Toddler's age group. He had a BLAST. He actually paid attention and participated in the class. It was great. I think we might become regulars there.

After the class, we went to a restaurant with Stacey, Stella (her daughter, AT's BFF), and Carlos, Stacey's husband. Angry Toddler and Stella were quite excited to see each other and Stacey gave them each an allowance of one penny for being good. They were both sooo excited about their "money".

We finally got home and changed into our jammies. I need to check the weather for tommorrow so I can figure out AT's attire for school. I have a parent-teacher conference thing at his preschool tommorrow also.

P.S. Poor Angry Husband. He texted me this morning that it's snowing in Minnesota where he is. Poor Angry Husband. That sucks.

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  1. Sounds like your week of goin' at it alone started off great! Let's hope that continues. And, yuck! I can't imagine having to deal with snow right now.


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