Sunday, April 13, 2008

Breach of Security

My parents watched Angry Toddler while AH and I were at work. They have been watching him every Saturday. They mentioned something about him opening the garage door, but I really didn't think anything about it.

I went to the bathroom when I got home, as Angry Toddler was watching TV. As I came out of the bathroom, I noticed the access door between the garage and house was open. I was perplexed, thinking, maybe I left it unlocked.

Well, I managed to get AT back in the house. I made sure I locked the door this time. Well sure enough, within two seconds of closing the door, Angry Toddler was at the door. I watched him easily flip both locks open. He then opened the door, stepped in the doorway, and reached up to open the garage door.

I was soo frustrated. So we played in the garage a little. I then tried to distract him with a new puzzle that we had in the garage. I put the puzzle on the kitchen table inside the house, and coaxed AT into the house. He sat there for like 5 minutes while he completed the puzzle, then he was back at trying to unlock the door again.

Well I had one of my usual moments and flipped out. I called Angry Husband and asked him when he would be getting home, as we had a "situation". Angry Husband was about 30 minutes from getting home. So I literally sat in front of the door until he got home. Angry Toddler gave up and went and watched TV.

When AH got home, we immediately made a trip to Lowe's. We went to the lock section, trying to figure out what to do. Angry Husband got an idea while we were there and it only cost us $.95.

So we went home. AH stayed in the garage with his tools. I proceeded to play on the computer while AT watched some Noggin. Within 5 minutes, AH said, all done!

Well what Angry Husband did was, reverse the lock. AH put the keyed part of the lock on the interior of the house and the twist part on the garage side. He then screwed in a little hook ($.95 item) next to the door on the interior part of the house so we could hang the key. Problem solved!

Within 2 minutes Angry Toddler was at the door again. He tried to unlock the door, but then realized that he couldn't. He got this pissed off look on his face and walked away. That's right, Angry Toddler was defeated.

Oh, and we moved up the button which opens the garage door too.


  1. That boy keeps you on your toes!!! Good thing you are being challenged by what are you gonna do when he gets older?? LMAO!!! Make sure you start stocking that bar now!!! He's gonna cause you to drink!!!

    Maybe I can fly to the OC and have a drink with you!!!

  2. Ugh! Good luck!!!! He's too funny. We need never get our two little ones together. They would be in a world of trouble... ;-p


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