Saturday, February 02, 2008

Ugh, I swear my husband is deaf!!

I'm sitting here minding my own business on my computer.

Angry Toddler is napping. The husband is watching tv in our front room. If anyone knows me and my husband, you know we have a "Super" surround system.

So AH puts on a DVD. And OMG it's soo fucking loud, I can't hear myself think!

I yelled from the office, "Are you fucking deaf, dude?" "Seriously, the next door neighbors can't hear our tv."

He turned it down, but not quiet enough....

I finally asked what he was watching, but didn't really care...."300".

Ugh, I hate that movie, too much blood.


  1. OMG...I love that movie!!! I love it loud like your dh!! It makes the movie better to feel the bass!! :) You should hear my house when I watch tv...the louder the better, but not when the kid is sleeping!!

  2. Totaly agreed on the sound-thing, Julie! I like to watch movies loud, but my hubby cranks our surround ALL THE WAY UP! Good thing the kids' bedrooms are on the opposite side of the house (like that actually helps).


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