Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My first parent/teacher conference

Well, Angry Husband and I went to pick up Angry Toddler from preschool today. There was a note in his folder. AT had bit a kid 3x. The teacher wanted a meeting with us.

Also, AT had been bitten by a kid on his back this morning.

Angry Toddler was trying to take a toy away from the other kid, that's why he bit the kid 3X, in 3 separate instances.

Ugh... I know it's the meds for his bronchitis. His behavior has been awful since he started on the breathing treatments almost 2 weeks ago.

We are not giving him a treatment tomorrow morning.

My mom was like, "I hope he doesn't get kicked out of this school. What are you going to do, Julie." Thanks Mom for the encouragement.

I'm meeting with the teacher on Thursday morning. Happy fricken Valentine's Day to me.


  1. you are a good mom! boys will be boys... just see what the teacher has to say. let us know what happens...
    love ya & good luck

  2. It's normal behavior Julie! You are a great mom!

  3. OOOH man...I bet that other kid learned his lesson...DON'T mess with Caden, HE BITES!!!!!! LMAO!!!

    don't let it get to you!!! I know you will get it straightened out!!!


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