Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I am not a cold weather person

I know, I know...I live in California. But seriously folks, it's been fricken cold here lately. I'm not used to wearing long sleeves and a jacket all the time.

About a week ago, Angry Husband wanted me to call the Heater People. He (AH) was complaining of his eyes burning, and his sinuses bugging him.

So I called them out. The guy checked my heater, air conditioner, and thermostat. He told me that it was WAY too HOT in the house. It was like at 72 degrees. I was freezing. So he re-programmed the entire thermostat and told me not to touch it.

He then suggested that we get new filters for our heater. He said that we could use a duct cleaning too, and maybe one of those Living Air thingys. I was concerned that since we have a 125 gallon fish tank, maybe we have too much salinity in the air.

Anyway, one week later, we wake up every morning freezing. Cause the heater has not kicked on yet. This was the first morning that I wasn't cold. WHY? Cause Angry Toddler came into our room at 1am, and was snoring in my ear. So I moved to AT's bed, which had a brand new down comforter (Thanks Nana!). I was soo snug and warm.

Angry Husband mentioned tonight about how cold it was this morning in the house. I responded by saying that I wasn't cold. Ha Ha Ha!

I suggested that maybe we get a down comforter for our bed. Our only problem? We don't share very well. We would have to get two comforters for our bedroom. Which would be totally expensive.

So I'm sitting here right now in flannel pj pants and a long sleeve shirt. I am still cold. This cannot continue.

I need a vacation right now to someplace warm. I can't deal with this cold weather much longer.


  1. Ok, if it was thermostat guy who messed with the thermostat and told you not to touch it ... um. Grrrrr. 72 is a totally reasonable temp {my house is set higher than that most of the time because I am a cold-blooded wuss girl} and there is not reason that should cause sinus and eye issues.

  2. I can't cold comes in the form of Michigan/Indiana winters.....stinks!


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