Saturday, November 24, 2007


So Angry Husband bought me a Wii for my birthday two weeks ago. We've been really busy with sick child, work, holidays, etc.

Mike turned it on so that I could play it last night. He put in a game and got it all ready.

There was an error message. He has played with it before, and he told me that he got that error message the other day. So he called the store where he bought it. They told him that they've seen that message before. They said that they would do an exchange, BUT they have no Wii's in stock. Well of course, they don't.

So Mike had to go on and place a repair order. Now WE have to send it out to Nintendo and get it replaced.

This is really annoying. Especially since we have some new games coming in the mail for it. I couldn't imagine if some child opened it on Christmas Day and this has happened.


  1. that sucks!!!! ashe has the wii.. so maybe you can come over with your games and we can play!

  2. Oh that sucks. That really sucks. Imagine how excited your child would be to get that... and then have to explain that "Santa" needs to come back and fix it.
    Good luck getting it to work!!!!
    - Audrey


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