Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm going to stop over

I'm going to stop over. Angry Husband just called me and told me this. Angry Husband does installations of custom home theaters. He is in a mobil job. He works with a partner, well actually, he has a temporary new partner.

Angry Julie just woke up, cause she got off work at 2:30. Julie is sitting at her computer, reading her blogs and e-mails. Julie is wearing a white t-shirt and underwear, no pants, no bra.

Thanks for the notice, Angry Husband. So I ran and threw on some pants and a bra. Our house is a mess, cause mommy was at work last night. I really don't feel like picking up all the toys and clothes, that all belong to Angry Toddler. I always try and pick everything up before bedtime. It's kinda my ritual. I always warn the husband to pick up, cause you never know if someone is going to stop by.

Oh, and it's lunchtime, does he offer to bring me some lunch? No. I bet that HE will show up with lunch though.

Ok, my rant is over. But seriously, this happens like every other week.


  1. I'd change the locks on him if he didn't bring me food....

  2. Sounds like my wardrobe during the day. lol


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