Sunday, November 18, 2007

A glee of happiness in my week

We finally picked shifts at work for next year. I'm working days from January through September, and then nights from September through January 2009. Yippeeee, I get to sleep like normal people.

It's been a long two months so far. I really love working nights, but not with a wild two year old. He gets up at like 7am on the weekends, when I've had only like 3hours of sleep. I've had alot of headaches and back problems with this. I even did a sleep study and they told me that I have sleep apnea. I'm still undergoing testing for that.

So I thought I would post a nice little ticker to remind myself of how long I have to normal sleep!


  1. YAY! So, I get my Julie lunches back? Kick a$$!

  2. Oh normal sleep! That's so grand. I once worked 4p-midnight at a job and I was so messed up by it ....


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