Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Children's Hospital Orange County

Well, I hate to say this...but he had another seizure at 4:55am, this morning. His temperature was 104 when we left the house for the hospital. We went to the local hospital, they monitored him for about two hours, and then transferred the kid to Children's Hospital Orange County.

The doctors wanted to get him a better consult since this was his 3rd seizure in 24 hours. Angry Husband rode with Caden in the ambulance to the hospital. The EMT had put an IV in his hand and off they went.

Caden wasn't at the hospital for more than 30 minutes, when AH said, why is there blood everywhere? Seriously, the blood was all over the floor. Well, you guessed it! Angry Toddler ripped the IV out like I said he would. Idiots! I then gave them the look, don't you even dare try and put in another IV. He has been taking fluids, needs no IV meds, so don't you dare! They complied.

They stuck in a room with a little girl with bronchitis. Cough, cough, cough!!! Doctors, um my kid is prone to asthma, bronchitis, and upper respiratory infections. Helloooooo!!! Apparently, they are thinking/waiting/who knows on a neurology consult for him. They then said that he would be there overnight.

The kid is in FULL Angry Toddler mode right now. They stuck him in one of those jails, prisons cribs. He was screaming like a caged animal.

I came home to grab some things and then I gotta go back and relieve Angry Husband. Hopefully, we will find out what is wrong with him and get freed from the coop soon!!!

Thanks to everyone who sent their positive thoughts!!!


  1. Just found your blog from another that I read and wanted to send 'get well vibes' to your son. Those seizures sound scary! I hope they figure out the cause.

    Loved reading your recent entries esp. the Vegas trip~~what an exciting life you lead!

  2. oh... I'm sending you strong thoughts.... and perhaps Airborne for the fighting off bronchitis...

  3. Oh sweety!! I haven't been on GR for awhile and checked it this morning. I read about you and my heart dropped for you. Ry has had those and I know how scary they are! You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts.

  4. Honey..you guys are seriously in my prayers...my heart goes out to you...I hope toddler gets well soon.

  5. iam sooo sorry about your little one! if i can do anything please let me know. you guys are in are prayers!!! talk to ya soon!!


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