Thursday, November 15, 2007

Angry Toddler Update

We were released from Children's Hospital at 5:15PM, last night.

Caden had a MRI and EEG yesterday morning. The neurologist came in and spoke with us about 4pm. Everything looked normal. She just told us the same thing that his pediatrician told us. He has seizures due to a spike in his fever, and he will outgrow them.

Angry Husband spent the night, Tuesday through Wednesday, with the Angry Toddler. He said that Caden slept and he did not. Apparently there was an infant in the room next door that was not allowed to have any food. The baby cried ALL night long according the husband.

This was our second time at Children's Hospital since Caden was born. I'm not too impressed with them. I'm sure if your kid had a very serious illness, they would receive excellent care. But unfortunately, the average kid doesn't get the same treatment. We were pretty much ignored. We never saw nurses, mostly techs. We had to beg, I mean beg for milk for Caden. We saw two doctors in two days, for about 5 minutes each time.

I cannot wait for the bills to roll in. We have a PPO, so we will have some lovely co-pays.

1. 3 ER Visits
2. 1 Ambulance Ride
3. 3 Different ER doctors
4. Numerous blood tests
5. 1 Chest X-Ray
6. 1 Admitting Doctor at Children's Hospital
7. 1 Overnight Hospital Stay
8. 1 MRI
9. 1 EEG
10. 1 Neurologist

The Angry Toddler is fine today. He woke up with a tiny cough, thanks sick girl from the hospital. We were going to keep him home from preschool today. But at like 8:15, he asked to go see his friends and to play. He hadn't coughed since 6am. I grabbed some clothes and promptly dropped him off at preschool.

We have a follow-up appointment at his pediatrician's office today. I'm sure she will shake her head over all this drama. I don't even think the hospital contacted her about his history.


  1. Oh..thank goodness. I am so glad that he is o.k...
    Hospital bills suck..I feel for you on those.

  2. I'm glad that he's ok. You must have been worried sick. I can't stand having my babies sick or anywhere near a hospital. I don't think anyone could provide the care that I expect for them as a Mom.

  3. Julie I am so glad that Caden is ok and that his tests came back normal!


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