Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thirteen Things

For today's post, I will point out thirteen things I found in my car tonight. I cleaned it out, finally. What a mess a 2 year old and 31 year old woman can make!

1. Bob Revolution Jogging Stroller-This stroller kicks ass and has a 5-point harness. This is my second Bob Stroller. The Angry Toddler cannot escape from this.

2. Camouflage Backpack-A cute little backpack from baby Gap. I use it as a diaper bag. Sometimes, I have the Angry Toddler carry it on his back. Less for mama to carry.

3. Parking Pass-The parking pass for the City I work for. I don't know why I have it on my dashboard. Everyone knows my car.

4. Toll roads Transponder-I cancelled my membership to the toll roads over a year ago. They keep upping the prices. One of their routes is over $8.00 for one way. Alas, sometimes I need to take the shortcut, I never have cash, so I rejoined.

5. Cellphone Charger-I'm always talking on my phone, hence I need to charge it. I have like 5 chargers spread out between two cars, work, and home.

6. Work Uniforms-My dirty uniforms from working last weekend. They are still on the front passenger floorboard of my car. I need to wash them tonight so I can wear them tomorrow.

7. Artwork-Angry Toddler's artwork from preschool. About once a week, I get handed a pile of drawings, paintings, and cut/paste work. I have no idea what to do with it all. Somehow it's piling up on my rear passenger floorboard.

8. Map of Disneyland-We frequently go to Disneyland. I have no clue why we collect/use maps. I think Angry Husband grabs them at the gate.

9. Wedding Ring-My wedding ring was in the cup holder. I mostly wear it for work. Ever since my other ring was lost/stolen, I refused to get a new one. I finally broke down this summer and had a white gold Hawaiian wedding ring made. It has Plumeria flowers on it with our names inscribed inside.

10. iPod-My pink little Nano. It's soo cute. I love that the Tahoe has an adaptor so I can listen to my tunes in the car.

11. Magazines-Angry Husbands fish magazines. There's like 4 of them in there. He reads them while I drive. I always drive. Sometimes I like to be chauffeured around.

12. Britax Marathon Carseat-We have owned 4 Britax since having Angry Toddler. I swear by them, I love them.

13. Noisy Toys-How come all the noisy toys make it to my car? We have a small basket of toys in the backseat. It seems to be filled with loud noisy cars. One of the toys is this chicken sitting inside a car. When it moves, it starts clucking. This damn toy always seems to get stuck under the seat. It was the first thing to go to the trash when I cleaned out my car tonight. I can't handle the clucking anymore!

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  1. Love your list and the blog for that matter! Also love the part "She enjoys talking in 3rd person"...what a riot! :)


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