Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Diaper Vent

My son has been wearing size 5 diapers for about a year. He was starting to potty train but regressed. We are ok with that.

One of my forums was talking about diapers recently, what size their kiddos wear, how much they weigh, etc.

I realized that Angry Toddler has been leaking alot. Duh, he needs to move up to next size. Which means, I need to get the 6's. No problem.

So I drop him off at preschool today and then head to my local Heaven Target, to buy diapers. Luckily, there is a sale on diapers so I grab two packs. I then realize how small the pack is. This truly annoys me. It's like every time we go up a size, we lose like 10 diapers in the package. The packages just keep getting smaller and smaller. That is not fair!!! There is nothing I can do about it, cause we need diapers, but NOT fair. Dammit Pampers, you make me mad.


  1. I know whatcha mean. I have Baby in Size 4s still, b/c you get more in a pack. He can safely wear Size 4 Huggies, but not Pampers--they get too saturated!

  2. I noticed the same thing when I last bought diapers. We're only in size 4s, but the packages are already shrinking.

    It's a conspiracy.

  3. It's fraud I tell you....they know the parents need them, so, big idea...let's reduce the number in the package..parents have to buy them, so we make more money! I mean, what? They think kids poop and pee less as they get older? Thank goodness my youngest is out of diapers now...because it's highway robbery, I tells ya!

  4. I agree. If you have a Wal-Mart nearby you might try White Cloud. They are cheaper but a decent quality.


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