Sunday, August 12, 2007

School of Fortune by Amanda Brown and Janice Weber

I'm a big time fan of reading. Reading is probably most passionate hobby. I've been a big time reader since elementary school. I can get lost in my books, tuning the world out. I usually read about one book a week. It all depends on how my week is going, how fast I read. I'm almost finished with my latest read, School of Fortune by Amanda Brown and Janice Weber.

This book is about a fictional character named, Pippa Walker. What a great name!! She is a bride to be and right before he wedding is going to start, her fiance, advises her that he's gay. This creates much drama. She ends up stopping the wedding, in which her mother disowns her.. She is left to seek out a life on her own while trying to get a diploma to get her inheritance. It is quite funny.

I highly recommend this book!!


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