Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm not a cat person

When the husband and I got married, we got two cats. We were doing the apartment thing, and thought have some pets would be cool. So we got 2 cats. We ended up living at my parents house for about a year, and somehow the cats ended up staying there.

I realized that I no longer had really bad sinus problems. I could breath clear, etc. I was allergic to those damn cats. My parents never asked us to take the cats back. Actually, they became quite attached to my parents.

So the parents went out of town to Vegas. Lucky them. We never get to go anywhere except to the park and Disneyland. My mom asked me to go check on the cats, make sure they are feed, refill the water, etc.

They have been gone since Thursday. Everything has been good with the kids, except until today. I notice cat barf in the kitchen and bathroom. It wasn't little barf, it was ALOT. Well I'm sure it had been there since yesterday, because it was not hard as a rock. It was like barf concrete. I had to soak it in 409 to clean it up. Then I cleaned the litter box.

I was soo completely grossed out by this. After all was said and done, I was sweating, had cat hair all over my work uniform, and the barf was all cleaned up.

I've decided that I will NEVER have a cat again. I would rather change my kid's diaper then clean up cat puke and/or poop from a box!


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