Tuesday, July 10, 2007

OC Mommies at the Chick!!!

So I dragged my expensively dressed child out to the local Chick-Fil-A today for some lunch. They have this totally cool play area for toddlers that the kiddo loves. He runs around like a crazy man. I met my friend, Stacey, and her daughter, Stella there too. This is the second time we've been to the place.

So the kiddos are playing happily.....and then....they show up..The kids that are way too big for the TODDLER area. Those 5,6, 7 year olds. The ones that won't take their shoes off. That are really rough...

So within ten minutes, Stella is being pushed and my kid's finger is bleeding..

What are the parents of the other kids doing? Sitting in the main dining room, eating their food, chatting away, and IGNORING their bratty kids..

What Happens Next? Stacey and I are the referees of the play place. We are trying to watch our kids and theirs too. Making sure our kids don't get hurt from these brats. Do the mom's pay attention to their kids? Nooo. One mom pops in for like 1 second, yells something at her daughter, then mentions something to me, "Oh they have siblings, etc.." Then leaves....

Another 1 to 2 mommies meet up with the other mommies... They send in their kids to the play place too. Finally, Stacey grabs Stella, who is screaming... Then I throw Angry Toddler under my armpit and we leave out the door.

So much for having my kid play....get really tired, and then take a really long nap..

So basically, these mommies ruined my nap time!!! I take a nap, rest, do stuff, etc. while small child is napping.....

Damn OC Mommies!!


  1. Gosh, don't you HATE mothers like that? I don't know how they can be so oblivious to heir own children. Wouldn't you be embarrassed?

  2. Since those kids were older then I would have been doubly pissed off. There is a toddler area at our mall and the other day much older kids were playing there with NOBODY watching them. I guess their moms were too busy shopping to watch them harrass all the younger kids.


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