Monday, June 25, 2007

Nosey People

People are soo nosey these days.....why is that? I mean I'm nosey, but it's genetic...

Today, I was working. I was sitting in the work vehicle, minding my own business, reading a book on my lunch. A random guy approaches, I swear I did not make any eye contact with this idiot. He says, "Oh, I see you like to read. I wrote a book." Than he proceeds to hand me a piece of paper with the book title and website on a Starbucks receipt? Did I look like I wanted to be bothered??

My neighborhood....I swear is full of nosey people. We live on the corner, across from a park. I swear, every friggin time we have our garage open...people drive really really really slow and rubberneck. They almost get into accidents trying to look into our garage. I mean it's not like we have a science experiment going on? We have my truck, some cabinets, and the treadmill (aka clothesrack)....


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